• Jen Kent

A wedding project to get excited about!

A spring “behind the scenes” at Lodge Farm

We know there is a lot of uncertainty for those of you currently organising your wedding so I wanted to share something we’ve been working on that you can start planning and get excited about!

One of the reasons couples fall in love with Lodge Farm is the beautiful views from our grass paddock next to the farm house. It provides a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos, with the next door church and views across to the famous White Horse on Sutton Bank. It is also the perfect space for relaxing and catching up with friends and family after saying "I do!".

Now its spring time and the best time of year to plant trees and hedges we thought of some minor improvements we could make to the wedding paddock. After a rather confusing google search (we’re good at growing crops but it turns out trees are rather different) we popped along to our local nursery, Thorpe Trees. Huge thanks to the very patient and helpful ladies there!

Much debate and a lot of painted lines on the grass later we ended up with 100 beech hedging plants and 6 cherry trees. If you’re looking for ideas of what to do in lockdown I highly recommend doing something in the garden – its surprisingly therapeutic!

We followed Thorpe Tree’s instructions to the letter (though I’m sure the lady called the powder you put in with the roots mycorrhizal, as opposed to “tree cocaine”!) and three weeks later I’m glad to say we have our first cherry blossom!

Lodge Farm Weddings Paddock
Beautiful Blossom!

So now our paddock is more peaceful and beautiful than ever it’s all over to you to plan the fun! (Asides from the watering – I’ll keep doing that bit 😊). Its entirely up to you what you use the paddock for – perhaps you’d like hay bales so people can sit in the sun and enjoy a glass of Pimms after your ceremony? Or for the more competitive families a game of croquet? Or should that be if you’re too competitive avoid the croquet?! We love hearing your ideas for your perfect day and getting excited about the celebrations to come so please do share!

Lodge Farm Weddings Croquet
Anyone for croquet?!

If you’d like to see our lovely wedding paddock (or indeed any part of Lodge Farm Weddings) do email us – we’d love to show you around virtually!